The DIY horrors of book publicity

OK let’s try this again. With the assistance of excellent Webmaster and all-around humanitarian now turned caninatarian (he found a dog running around in the park and brought it home– talk about a nice guy) Robert Laboissiere (sp?), I’m back up and blogging.

I know it’s been a while, my bloggies. But I’ve been busy and I’m not too sure have necessarily had anything blogworthy to say. The last couple of years have been pretty much: got up, sat down to laptop, had coffee, wrote, had lunch, wrote, had dinner and drinks and crashed.

But now a new topic presents itself. I have a book coming out in two weeks. The horrors and DIY torments of trying to get the world to pay attention to a nobody, a loser, a punk like me, in what is often euphemistically “a changed media landscape.”

“Either my career is in the toilet or the world has really changed since I last published a book,” I said to my friend Ian yesterday.

“It might be a bit of both,” he said.

“Hey, fuck you, I hate you! Anyway, if it is in the toilet, I have to fish it out and exhibit it to the world. What choice do I have?”

I don’t think it is in the toilet. I have a column in the newspaper, and it has a pretty good following, I know that. The column has been a joy, and a genuine pleasure, I feel like I’ve really been in dialogue with my readers, and though I’ve clearly infuriated many– especially if the internet is any indication– I’ve also struck a few chords and caused a few chuckles, I know.

So that’s a good thing. And the column makes a good “platform” for the book. But apart from that, phew, it’s tough to get the media/the public to pay attention to yet another book. But I’m determined to give it all I have. I need a hit, babies!

Anyway, more later, I want to make sure this blogging mechanism is working before I pour too much of my heart and soul into it. And I’m meeting Ian for lunch. We’re going to discuss ME paying HIM to do a video, so we can put it on YouTube. Cheers.